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17 Nov · alleventshotels · No Comments

Aioli, a Mediterranean sauce with a large tradition.

An emulsion of olive oil and garlic

An old Mediterranean recipe.

Though nowadays we give to the Aioli sauce a Catalan identity, in fact it has a more ancient origin, more Centuries before the Catalan identity was born, Romans and Egyptians were cooking a very similar sauce and even the Iberians, the first settlers of the Iberian Peninsula, were eating a sauce next to the one we are eating.

Times past, the aioli was a sauce from poor people, because the rich use to eat the famous mayonnaise sauce. Fortunately, nowadays, there is no difference between social classes and both sauces are consumed indistinct.

preparación de allioli

In Catalonia with mortar and pestle

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In Catalonia the Aioli sauce accompanies a variety of Catalan dishes, like “botifarra amb seques” a typical Catalan sausage with white beans, the grilled meat like rabbit, Catalan bread with tomato, oil and aioli, with baked potatoes and most recently with “fideuà” a typical Catalan dish similar to the paella but with pasta instead of rice.

allioli y fideuá

To make a good and traditional aioli, or “allioli” obviously we need garlic “all” and olive oil “oli”. These are basic ingredients, but we could also use an egg yolk, to thick the sauce, a pinch of salt and a little bit of lemon. The traditional recipe requires much patience and perseverance: in a mortar and pestle dice garlics to get of their juice, and then slowly-slowly add one drop at a time of olive oil to thick the sauce. Nowadays many people use a blender to prepare the aioli.

Would you like to taste this traditional sauce? Do not hesitate to ask the expert of gastronomic events. All Events Hotels team prepares many tasty activities and special gastronomic holidays like “cook with a foodie” or Gastronomic Holidays, during which you will delight your palate with flavours of the Coast of Barcelona and typical recipes of the Catalan cuisine.

The aioli is a sauce with a consistent flavor


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