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15 Mar · alleventshotels · No Comments

Benefits of the sea water and the sun in the Coast of Barcelona

Enjoy the benefits of the sea in the Coast of Barcelona

To swim in the amazing beaches of the Mediterranean Sea

Although in recent years we have been informed about the danger for our skin of staying out in the sun too long, the fact is that light, taking in the right measure is essential for humans to recharge our batteries. The same applies with the sea water, whose composition relates with our organism, and for this reason is so good for us.

For many years now, it was discovered that a controlled exposure to sunlight, greatly improves health in psoriasis patients, fact that made examine the potential benefits of the sunlight. Recent studies have been detected that UV rays increase the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for feelings and emotions, regulates the sleep process, the body temperature or sexual behaviour. Also, sunlight helps to produce the much-needed Vitamin D aids in the absorption of calcium and bone mineralization, strengthening our defence immunological system and affects our mood. These are some of the reasons why so many people are coming to the Coast of Barcelona, to enjoy the benefits for the health of the sun. To enjoy of the sun and the beach in the Coast of Barcelona is a pleasure not only for the body also for the mind.

pareja tumbados mar

To feel the sea breeze in your face in the Coast of Barcelona

Navigate in a Sailboat the Mediterranean Sea

Arenys de Mar


Become a skipper or relax enjoying the Mediterranean breeze. Enjoy a snack at sea.


Yoga on the Beach -Wellbeing Morning



Practice a gentle yoga exercises. Relax with the first rays of sun and enjoy a healthy and vitamin breakfast.


Likewise, the sea water, and in particular the water from the Mediterranean Sea, has a type of density which allows a better joint mobility and increase of muscular power. Moreover, to have a bath in the beaches of the Coast of Barcelona has some more advantages for our health, because the sea air that we breathe close to the sea, is free of dust mites, pollen and germs. Also, being in contact with the sea water is very good for illness like psoriasis, atopic dermatitis or acne. And last but not least, in the fact that produces the sea movement, with its waves, the sound, the contact of water in our skin, its soft massage and pleasure to feel the warn of the sun. A real and unique sensation in the Coast of Barcelona.

puesta de sol en el mar

Can you imaging yourselves enjoying the benefits of the sun and the sea in the Coast of Barcelona? All Events Hotels can make your dream come true. We take care of every single detail and organise the perfect getaway for you in the Coast of Barcelona, in the towns of Calella, Pineda de Mar, Santa Susanna and Malgrat de Mar, offering you great hotels and fantastic activities. One of these activities is navigate in a sailboat acroos the Mediterranean Sea. There is probably no better way to enjoy the Sun and the Sea in the Coast of Barcelona.

Navigate in a sailboat in the Coast of Barcelona


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