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24 Jul · alleventshotels · No Comments

“Castellers” Human Towers in Mataró, a Catalan tradition in Vogue

Traditional Castells in Barcelona

Popular Catalan Culture, the values of a people

One of the Catalan Traditions celebrated with more pride are the “Jornadas Castelleres”, the days of the Human Towers, both for its spectacular construction and its emotional symbolism.

Human Towers are present in different cultures around the world, but the special link with the Human towers in Catalonia, does not depend on the strength of a few men to erect a castle, but the teamwork, the strength acquired with the union of a lot of hands, arms and shoulders to working for a common project. The “Castells” (castles), are a symbol of the Culture and Catalan Traditions.

The “Castells” (Human Towers), a symbol in the Catalan Culture

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Catalan Human Towers

This icon of the Catalan Culture, is described perfectly in the popular sentence, strength through unity, or like Catalan people say “fem pinya”, which means to stay all together, in union with the emotional ties, which is, helping each other to achieve a common objective and taking care for one another. It is not in vain, that the base of a “Castell” is known as the “pinya” which is a human structure, which holds up throughout the construction. To make it stronger, many people is joining it, to make it bigger and more stable.

cap de colla

Catalonia held different “Jornades Castelleres” (Human towers festivities) in which different “colles “, people of a Casteller groups, erect a “Castell” (castle), ever more impressive, but there are not competing against the other groups, but with themselves, trying to improve year after year. Normally, when a town celebrate its festivity, organise a day for the “Castellers”, together with other typical and traditional Catalan activities, like the “Gegants”, the giants.

Last weekend, on 22nd of July, The “Capgrossos de Mataró” ( name of the group of human tower of Mataró city), participate as every year in Les Santes ( name of the festivity of Mataró), together with el “ Castellers de Vilafranca” and “ Els minyons de Terrassa”. The 3 “Colles” erected some gamma extra  “Castells” (castles).

Human tower essentially require effort, technique and teamwork


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