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28 Aug · alleventshotels · No Comments

Catalan traditions in summer: The “Sardinada” grilled sardines.

Summer nights in the Coast of Barcelona.

Grilled sardines in the Catalan Beach.

Summer nights in the Coast of Barcelona are specials. The hot weather invites people to seat outside, in terraces, beach bars and cozy and cool places, often with live music and decorated with soft and small lights to create a nice atmosphere.

One of the most popular Catalan traditions during summer time is to prepare a “Sardinada”, grilled sardines by the sea in a beach bar. The smell coming from the grilled sardines attract many people walking next to the place. Sardines are eaten with “pa amb tomàquet”, bread with spread tomato and olive oil.

Barbacoa Sardinas

Dinners outside in the beach bars at the Barcelona coast

Cook With A Foddie


Actives Gastronomy

Share the experience of cooking rice with a Catalan host, following the recipe of her grandmother.


Gourmet Getaway



Tasting of our products and typical dishes. Accommodation in one of our hotels next to the sea.


The “Sardinada” is the most awaited of the summer feasts. Often some beach bar, organise some live music to be enjoyed during the dinner.  In Catalonia seafarers and people working in coastal villages, had special singing, which came from the old colonies, specially from Cuba. We are talking about “Habanera”. Nowadays the are performed by small choral groups formed by men, and sometimes accompanied by a guitar. Love, sea and seafarers are the perfect lyrics to been listened during a “Sardinada”

cena con amigos

To enjoy a lovely night, the best is to get in touch with specialist in activities in the Coast of Barcelona. All Events Hotels guides can organise for you the best “Sardinada” in the best beach bar of the region.

All Events Hotels offer you also a huge range of Gastronomic experiences in the Coast of Barcelona. You should not miss “Cook a foodie” which gives you the possibility to be the guest in somebody’s place, to enjoy cooking a recipe from the Catalan Cuisine and after enjoy the meal with your hostess.

Another great experience in the Coast of Barcelona is the “Tapas Bike Tour” a great way to discover the near villages of the Coast of Barcelona and taste some lovely tapas to learn about the delicious Catalan and Spanish Gastronomy.

Enjoy a “Sardinada” in the Coast of Barcelona


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