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6 Mar · alleventshotels · No Comments

Catalan Traditional Gastronomic Experience

Gastronomic experiences in the coast of Barcelona

Catalan traditional gastronomic experience

Have you ever though which could be the best way to discover a new place? Many believe that it could be by tasting its food, and if you think it through, the answer is not bad, because the ingredients used in the traditional cuisine are those that belong to the region, the authentic products given by the Earth.

For these reasons, to get immerse in the authenticity of our region, what about to enjoy a gastronomic getaway to the Coast of  Barcelona. As a tourist, a gastronomic experience in the Coast of Barcelona is a great opportunity to learn more about our country, together with the wonderful buildings and awesome landscapes.

If you want to taste the Catalan traditional cuisine and get immerse in all its aromas and flavours, you can visit and choose between the wide range of cookery and gastronomic exclusive activities in the Coast of Barcelona you might find in its web. You can choose between gastronomic experiences in Calella, gastronomic experiences in Pineda de Mar, or gastronomic experiences in Santa Susanna or Malgrat de Mar.

Stay in a great hotel in Calella if you want to enjoy some tasty gastronomic holiday

To experience all of it, offers a lot of gastronomic proposals with local guides at its exclusive accommodation in Calella GFH Hotel Kaktus Playa.  Among these experiences, the tourists who have chosen a lovely gastronomic holiday by the sea in Costa de Barcelona, they are going to enjoy unique gastronomic excursions in Costa de Barcelona with like TAPAS BIKE TOUR, a tasty bike ride along the coastal towns of Coast of Barcelona (Calella, Pineda de Mar, Santa Susanna and Malgrat de Mar) having some stops to taste some delicious typical “Tapas” of the region as well as traditional Catalan food. A Tapas Taste with our local guides in Costa de Barcelona that will leave your palate completely satisfied.

If this experience does not meet your expectations as a gourmet getaway in Costa de Barcelona, the website offers other options as the possibility to get involved in the traditional cuisine from a more approachable way, sharing a unique gastronomic experience with a foodie in Calella. This is the best way to taste the traditional Catalan Cuisine in Costa de Barcelona.


Between the different dishes of the traditional Catalan Cuisine, the essentials and delightful recipes are a must; mountain rice,  elaborated with rabbit, chicken and pork with local rice from the Catalan territory  seasoned with aromatic plants  from the Catalan mountains  And of course we cannot forget the most tradicional “Canalons” a stuffed pasta roll with meat ,the “Pa amb Tomàquet,  toast bread with tomato and olive oil, “escudella I carn d’olla” a traditional winter soup or even traditional desserts like “Crema Catalana”.

Do not forget to check out all the possibilities to have a fully gastronomic experience in Coast of Barcelona through the website


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