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27 Nov · alleventshotels · No Comments

Catalonia, cradle of universal Top Chefs

In recent years, restaurants from Catalonia are in the first line.

The vanguard culinary has renewed the Catalan restaurants

‘Cooking is a Love story. You need to fall in Love with the ingredients and then of people who cook thema’ Alain Ducasse. With these words from the famous French Chef, we are in front a fact well known in Catalonia, especially in the last few years. After the ‘Nouvelle cuisine’ or the ‘new Basque Cuisine’ from the 20th Century, the boom of the Catalan Cuisine is from the beginning of the 21st Century. It astonished everybody and it is very rewarding.

At the beginning of this movement, in 1988, the famous Top Chef Carme Ruscalleda opened her restaurant Sant Pau in Sant Pol de Mar. Her cuisine is based in the Catalan Tradition, with fine touches of modernity. After a few years she obtained her first Michelin Guide star and some years after obtained its third Michelin star. She owns in total, 3 stars in the Restaurant Sant Pau in Sant Pol de Mar, 2 Michelin Guide stars from her Restaurant Moments in Barcelona and 2 more Michelin guide stars for the restaurant Sant Pau in Tokyo. We have to talk also about Santi Santamari­a and his restaurant Can Fabes with 3 Michelin Guide Stars, but the internationalisation and the great phenomenon of the Catalan Cuisine, arrives with Ferran Adria  and his Restaurant El Bulli­, being chosen by the prestigious magazine Restaurant, as the Best Restaurant in the World in 2002, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. He introduces in the modern international cuisine new trends and techniques, like the molecular gastronomy of the deconstructivity. He defines the term as ‘Taking a dish that is well known and transforming all its ingredients, or part of them; then modifying the dish’s texture, form and/or its temperature. Deconstructed, such a dish will preserve its essence… but its appearance will be radically different from the original’s.’

Cocinero profesional

Haute Cuisine in the Catalan territory

Cook With A Foddie


Actives Gastronomy

Share the experience of cooking rice with a Catalan host, following the recipe of her grandmother.


Gourmet Getaway



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After this big success, the Catalan people start to assess themselves and its gastronomy. In 2013 and 2015, another Catalan Restaurant was chosen also the Best Restaurant in the World, El Celler de Can Roca, in Girona with 3 Michelin Guide stars, where the three brothers Roca worked hard in the small, family restaurant: the oldest brother Joan Roca is the head chef; Josep Roca, the middle brother is the sommelier and Jordi Roca is in charge of desserts.

Alta cocina
Josep Roca

We are well aware of the greatness of our Gastronomy, first quality of our products and our long tradition. From All Events Hotels we give you the possibility to enjoy the Catalan Cuisine. with Gastonomic Holidays, tasting our best wines, tapas or products like our cheeses or the Iberian Ham. Join our coookery workshops and discover the secrets of our cuisine.

Cook and enjoy the meal by our host with All Events Hotels


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