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19 Jun | alleventshotels | No Comments

Món Sant Benet and Alicia Foundation, cultural and gastronomic visit

In Sant Fruitós de Bages, province of Barcelona, is located a cultural, gastronomic and leisure centre in a stunning natural environment: the Món Sant Benet. An architectural complex including a medieval monastery together with a modern centre dedicated to the cuisine investigation: the Alicia Foundation. Món Sant Benet, near Manresa in the province of Barcelona, offers visits and workshops in both, the monastery and the gastronomic centre.


10 Apr | alleventshotels | No Comments

The Iberian Ham, Spanish Gastronomy in the Coast of Barcelona

To taste the best Iberian Ham in the Coast of Barcelona, its singular taste and unique taste, All Events Hotels propose you an activity called “The Ham for demanding palates”.


3 Apr | alleventshotels | No Comments

Tapas, delicious snacks in the Coast of Barcelona

Tapas, a small bit of delicious food with a drink, are a classic in the aperitives in the Coast of Barcelona. Traditionally were served with a glass of wine. Nowadays is not only a small bit, now Tapas are good elaborated and are considered as a main course.


6 Mar | alleventshotels | No Comments

Coca de recapte, Catalan traditional Cuisine

One of the goals of All Events Hotels, through its gastronomic proposals, is to make know the Catalan gastronomy. The coca de recapte is a Catalan traditional recipe based in the use of uneaten meal, with a dough made with flour, water, olive oil and salt and products like grilled vegetables, meat or fish


28 Feb | alleventshotels | No Comments

The gastronomy in the Coast of Barcelona

If we say: “we are what we eat”, all the people living in the region of the Coast of Barcelona, feel themselves very privileged of its environment, because they can enjoy easily of the Mediterranean diet, a rich, varied and delicious diet, able to satisfy the most demanding palates.


28 Dec | alleventshotels | No Comments

The Grapes tradition for New Year’s Eve in Catalonia

To celebrate new year’s eve, is tradition all over the Spanish territoy to taste 12 grapes at the sound of the bells chime announcing the end and the beginning of the year.


13 Dec | alleventshotels | No Comments

Turron, a traditional Christmas dessert

Turrones are delicious an exquisite Christmas desserts traditional in Catalonia and Spain, typically made of honey, sugar, egg white with toasted almonds. The most popular are, the hard or Alicante variety, the soft or the Jijona variety and the Agramunt.


27 Nov | alleventshotels | No Comments

Catalonia, cradle of universal Top Chefs

In recent years, restaurants from Catalonia are in the first line.The vanguard culinary has renewed the Catalan restaurants 'Cooking is a Love story. You need to fall in Love with the ingredients and then of people who cook thema' Alain Ducasse. With these words from the famous French Chef, we are in front a fact ...


17 Nov | alleventshotels | No Comments

Aioli, a Mediterranean sauce with a large tradition.

An emulsion of olive oil and garlicAn old Mediterranean recipe. Though nowadays we give to the Aioli sauce a Catalan identity, in fact it has a more ancient origin, more Centuries before the Catalan identity was born, Romans and Egyptians were cooking a very similar sauce and even the Iberians, the first settlers of the ...


31 Oct | alleventshotels | No Comments

La Castanyada, a living tradition in Catalonia in which protagonists are chestnuts.

Chestnuts and “panellets” in CataloniaFamilly meet each other around the table to eat the typical autumn fruits. At the end of October and beginning of November family get each other together around a table to enjoy the typical autumn fruits. The talk about the “Castanyada” in Catalonia. November the 1st, is celebrated in different ways ...



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