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12 Dec | alleventshotels | No Comments

Experience Christmas in Catalonia

There is moment more beautiful to be filled with emotions than Christmas time. The decoration on city streets, the shows of kindness among people help to create the good atmosphere and the traditional Christmas Markets in the Catalan Villages.


21 Nov | alleventshotels | No Comments

Towards sustainable and responsible tourism with the environment

When we travel, we want to live the authentic experience of the places where we are, to know its true natural, social and cultural essence, how its people live … More and more, various proposals to promote a respectful, sustainable and responsible tourism with the environment are being successful.


10 Aug | alleventshotels | No Comments

Local Festivals in Catalonia, the biggest popular Catalan celebration

Every quarter, village or Catalan city, have a special day noted in their calendar. It is normally a day with and historical background, worthwhile to be remember. People of these places organise year after year, different activities and sometimes they get a big number of visitors from neighbour villages. We are talking about the Local Festivities, usually associated with the saint patron


24 Jul | alleventshotels | No Comments

“Castellers” Human Towers in Mataró, a Catalan tradition in Vogue

There are various traditions around the world that are based in human constructions, but in Catalonia the meaning for the people is not to erect the castle, but the fact is the strength of putting all hands, arms and shoulders together to create a common project. The “Castells” are a symbol of the culture and Catalan traditions


27 Mar | alleventshotels | No Comments

Barcelona, among the top ten best cities in the World

This admiration for the city of Barcelona, for its architecture, its culture and its leisure offer, its natural richness and its beaches…is shared already for many people and now the Resonance Consultancy commissioned who has elaborate the “World’s Best Cities”, gave Barcelona the eighth position.


20 Feb | alleventshotels | No Comments

Festival Cafe Jazz in Calella, Coast of Barcelona

El Festival Café Jazz de Calella, Costa de Barcelona, is the opportunity to listen live jazz music performed by great musicians. Concerts take place every Friday at 10 pm in different bar and restaurants of the city.


4 Dec | alleventshotels | No Comments

Christmas Markets in Catalonia

From the begining od December Christmas starts to be prepared. All villages are decorated with lights and streets and squares are fill with stalls where all kind of Christmas decoration is sold. You can find modern items but also handmade a traditional craft.


27 Oct | alleventshotels | No Comments

Special Interest Holidays with All Events Hotels

Festival Coral International in the Coast of BarcelonaHarley Davidson Event in the Coast of Barcelona Sometimes we need to scape from our daily routine, our job, family and our everyday lives. We want to do something diferent, with somebody else, to enjoy our favourite hobby with diferent people. Recent years adventure holidays and special interest ...


27 Sep | alleventshotels | No Comments

Popular traditions in Catalonia: “The Castellers”

“Els castellers” son considerados, hoy en día, como una manifestación muy importante de la cultura y la tradición de Cataluña, que cada vez se expande más por el extranjero gracias a la enorme popularidad alcanzada en los últimos años.


19 Sep | alleventshotels | No Comments

City Town Celebration in Calella, Barcelona Coast

As every september, Calella, the city of Barcelona Coast, is getting ready to welcome its “Trade Fair”, a Fair of Expositions which is recognized for representin all Alt Maresme region.



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