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19 Sep · alleventshotels · No Comments

City Town Celebration in Calella, Barcelona Coast

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“The Fair of Calella and Alt Maresme”

Popular traditions in Barcelona Coast

As every september, Calella, the city of Barcelona Coast, is getting ready to welcome its “Trade Fair”, a Fair of Expositions which is recognized for representin all Alt Maresme region.

It could seem, because previous description, that it is just another Exhibition Fair, but it is much more than that. Calella organizes its Fair of Exhibitions with the typical stops of craftsmanship and gastronomy, but also inviting to all the associations that participate in the social fabric of the city with a shelf in the Fair where they can be explained and made known to all the visitors. In addition, each year one or more cities that have a special mention in the title of the Fair of the year in question are invited each year, and are welcomed with shelves, exhibitions and own performances. This year, in its 37th edition, the “Trade Fair of Calella and Alt Maresme” hosts the Balearic Islands, offering a quite complete view of its culture at the literary, craftsman, gastronomic and musical level. In this sense, reference should be made to the consideration given to the writer Ramon Llull in the “Year Ramon Llull” with readings and elaboration of poems dedicated to him.

quesos artesanos

This year, in its 37th edition, the ``Trade Fair of Calella and Alt Maresme`` hosts the Balearic Islands.

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On the other hand, in the musical theme, the “Trade Fair of Calella and Alt Maresme” will feature various live performances by singers from the Balearic Islands with a reputation in Catalonia as Cris Juanico or Miquel Oliver.

Lastly, the importance of the “Calella and Alt Maresme Fair” also will offer the Balearic gastronomy and handicrafts, with access to different shelves where a good sample of them will be made. This is an opportunity to visit the city of Calella, on the Barcelona Coast, in a different way, through a stroll in its Trade Fair during its City Town Celebration.

estante Fira
Fira de Calella

It is precisely the City Town Celebration, known as the Major Festival of the Minerva, one of the most anticipated moments of Calella for its great joy and great welcome from foreign people. Apart from the people who come to visit or participate in the “Trade Fair of Calella“, also meet in Calella “colles geganteres”, groups that are in charge of the Catalan tradition of the Giants. In this sense, there is a great “Meeting of Giants (Trobada de Gegants)”, in which a large number of Catalan towns participate bringing their own Giants to the delight of the little ones.

The popular traditions are kept alive in the Festival of Calella, Barcelona Coast.


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