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6 Mar · alleventshotels · No Comments

Coca de recapte, Catalan traditional Cuisine

Enjoy a coca de recapte in the Coast of Barcelona

Taste the Catalan gastronomy

The Catalan gastronomy is characterised among other things by using some uneaten food from previous days, to create delicious and rich dishes. La coca de recapte is one of the examples of this kind of cuisine, the use of uneaten food from which great recipes have been created.

Some people associate la coca de recapte with the Italian pizza and although it is true that there are not the same. Some of the ingredients that la coca de recapte always have are, vegetables, many times grilled or in escalivada (a Catalan way to grill veggies) together with meat, cold meat and fish. Fish is more often eaten during lent (herrings, anchovies and tuna), although la coca the recapte is eaten throughout the year and products adapt to the season. You can enjoy a cold or warm Coca de recapte in the Coast of Barcelona. To cook it you need an oven like the in the pizza.

Typical Catalan Cuisine in the Coast of Barcelona

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Share the experience of cooking rice with a Catalan host, following the recipe of her grandmother.


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To prepare a Catalan Coca de Recapte we need to make a dough with the following ingredients: wheat flour, fresh yeast, mineral water, virgin olive oil and salt. On the other hand, we need to prepare all the ingredients we want to put on top of the dough. They can vary, but among others we could add, anchovies, herrings, fresh sausage (butifarra), pork sausage, red peppers, leek, onion, eggplant and all dressed with virgin olive oil. With this simple recipe of the Catalan Gastronomy, we get all necessary for a healthy diet: hydrates in the dough, proteins (meat and fish) and vegetables.

coca de recapte
coca recapte con anchoas

One of the goals of All Events Hotels is to make know the Catalan Gastronomy through its gastronomic activities, like to have the opportunity to eat by a local host, enjoying a lovely meal and knowing first-hand the Catalan lifestyle. All Events Hotels offers also some gastronomic holidays whereby the traveller will have the possibility to enjoy different gastronomic experiences related with the Catalan Cuisine.

Gastronomic experience in the Coast of Barcelona


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