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Collect moments and experiencies, not things

Material things get easily damaged, the essential is to live new moments and experiences

Discover the Coast of through unique experiences

Do you realize that nowadays we have within our reach practically any object we want? Wanting is power, but ease weakens desire and we end up bored with accumulating, accumulating and accumulating things that end up losing their initial meaning.

The experience we have at All Events Hotels, organizing trips, events, excursions, adventures, and so on has led us to the conclusion that human beings enjoy and fill their existence with meaning, with that which is not material, precisely with proposals such as those we offer: moments and experiences that accumulate in our hearts and in our memories.

Imagine arriving to a place and getting to know it with its own people, sharing its culture, its traditions, its gastronomy… Live experiences full of meaning and charm. The destinations that we offer in All Events Hotels, have to do with the Mediterranean Sea, with the Barcelona Coast and with towns of Catalonia that proudly show their idiosyncrasy.

So authentic are the experiences of the Barcelona Coast that we from All Events Hotels propose you a holiday in Catalonia full of knowledge with sense. Catalonia, on its Costa de Barcelona, offers great holiday possibilities both culturally and scenically, as many possibilities as beautiful moments to remember. Some of them, we pick them up for our customers to live their holiday destination with full immersion in the territory, and full knowledge of their own characteristics.

Activities and excursions to get to know the Catalan territory

Picnic in the Vineyards



A trip to the wine village of Alella to visit and taste wines from the cellars of the D.O Alella.

Group of friends ride mountain bike in the forest together

In this sense, we have gastronomic experiences that allow us to delve into culinary tastes, as well as into their own elaboration processes. We show this with the experience ” Cooking in a host’s house “ in which a Catalan inhabitant opens his house to us to receive us, to cook with us, and to eat, finally, with us what is prepared between all. Our activity “Picnic in the vineyards” in which we taste Catalan wines and recognize them in their creation process is also well loved. The “Tapas Bike Tour” is another star experience of All Events Hotels: we combine a wonderful bicycle ride by the sea with the tasting of authentic Spanish Tapas at different bars at the beach on the Catalan coast.

Our hiking holidays are also a great opportunity to get to know the territory of Catalonia from the sea to the mountains with all its paths and trails. The Nordic Walk is another of our specialties, as well as cycling routes in groups and visiting different Catalan villages. All these experiences are with local guides who know the terrain like the palm of the hand, and know how to live authentic experiences of knowledge of the territory coupled with sport.


Friends having fun cooking together
momentos para recordar

Never stop collecting moments and experiences, because in them you can find the essence of happiness. Join us and discover the towns of the Costa de Barcelona in a very different way with All Events Hotels!

Experience unforgettable holidays with moments to collect


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