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Enjoy Nordic Walking in the Coast of Barcelona!

Nordic Walking in the Barcelona’s Coast

Sport, health and relax in one of our hotels

Everyone knows how important is to practice exercise, but to choose the proper activity to increase its benefits it’s something that brings some controversial to the matter.  Most of the people are more concerned about its physical and healthy condition and that’s why they look for activities to achieve this expectations. The main goal is to enjoy well-being and keep fit and active our whole body and without much effort.  We have right here a kind of sport that fulfill all the expectations, it can be practiced whatever age and is practiced in open air. We are talking about the Nordic Walking. offers you different Nordic Walking programs by the coast of Barcelona.

3 Hotel Nights + Nordic Walking program

From 27th to 30th April 2017

We have to look for the origin of this sport in the Nordic countries, specifically in Finland. These countries have a large tradition with the cross-country ski. In summer time, sportsmen had no possibilities to train. They started by walking using ski poles, copying the movements from limbs. And this is actually the difference between hiking, rambling or walking with the Nordic Walking. This sport uses over 90% of the body’s muscles. One of techniques is called Alfa.

 Nordic Walking consists in walking with two poles, designed specifically for this activity, with longer strides, moving arms and legs alternative and coordinated ie. when the right foot is forward, the left hand is forward, and then vice versa. It brings a lot of benefits. It provides a great cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary workout, reinforces the central muscles, the back, arms and legs, improves the flexibility and resistance and helps to control weight. And as it is practiced in open air brings a nice sensation delaying aging.

All Events Hotels gives us a great opportunity to practice Nordic Walking near Barcelona. Its varied programs are a great combination between Nordic Walking with some other activities like Yoga, Spa or even a typical Catalan picnic in the mountains. There are offers of Nordic Walking in Calella, Nordic Walking in the Montnegre nature park, in Sant Pol de Mar, Pineda de Mar or Malgrat de Mar.

Would you like to enjoy some Nordic Walking holidays in the Barcelona Coast?

Have a look to our Nordic Walking Hotels:

  • Hotel Kaktus ****

    Hotel Kaktus Playa ***

    Hotel Nordic Walking en Calella, Barcelona

Nordic Walking in Calella, Barcelona


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