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Experience Christmas in Catalonia

Feel Christmas in the Catalan villages

Typical Catalan Christmas figures

There is moment more beautiful to be filled with emotions than Christmas time. The decoration on city streets, the shows of kindness among people help to create the good atmosphere and the traditional Christmas Markets in the Catalan Villages, to get all the details for the Christmas decoration helps to create this happiness. Also, in some Markets you can find some activities specially for children like ice rinks.

One of the most famous Markets in Catalonia is the Santa Llucia Christmas fair in Barcelona, at the foot of the majestic Cathedral of Barcelona, which has been going for the last 225 years. In its three aisles, full of small stands you can find all different Christmas decoration: trees, lights, the Tió de Nadal (Christmas log) and all the figures for the crib.

Because in Catalonia, the passion for Christmas goes beyond, the traditional Christmas decoration. We have our own Christmas figures. Among them, the most charming for children is the Tió de Nadal, or the Cagatió, a log that children collect in the forest. It has a smiley face, wears the traditional Catalan hut and it is covered by a blanket. Children are tasked to feed it every day. Then of Christmas Day, the children beat the log with sticks, by singing a traditional song to get some presents. Another emblem is the Caganer, a figurine depicted in the act of defecation appearing in nativity scenes in Catalonia.   

If you take good care of el Tió de Nadal, you will get plenty of presents

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Barcelona, feria navidad Santa Llúcia

Another popular Christmas fair in Catalonia is the Fair for Christmas Trees of Espinelves, being the ideal place for seeking the ideal fir for their homes. The village of Espinelves held the fair for the last 38 years and attract people of all-around Catalonia.

some caganer, a typical catalan character in the nativity scenes
a Tio de Nadal, a typical Christmas character of Catalonia, Spai

Another emblem for the Catalan Christmas are the Pastorets, multitudinous theatrical performances which show the birth of Christ, and some other stories of the Bible explained by the shepherd boys living in the mountains.

Christmas is a beautiful time to visit Catalonia and discover all about traditions, symbols and own ways of living. It is a great opportunity to learn more about this beautiful country.

Plenty of Christmas fairs in the Catalan villages during these dates.


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