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17 Oct · alleventshotels · No Comments

Hiking tour in Coast of Barcelona: Burriac’s Castle

Hiking in Coast of Barcelona

Tour to Burriac’s Castle

The Maresme region, in Coast of Barcelona, it’s full of secrets. The littoral offers a complete landscape with wide beaches and the Montnegre-Corredor mountain range offering a full network of tracks and walking paths for hiking in Coast of Barcelona

If you enjoy hiking and participate with walking clubs, the route we are introducing might be of your interest. Beginning in the heart of El Maresme (a region in the Catalan littoral of Coast of Barcelona) between Cabrera de Mar, Mataro, Vilassar de Mar and Argentona, is located the ruin of a Castle known as Burriac’s Castle.

At 401m over the sea level, Burriac’s Castle, as well known in the old times as Sant Vicenç of Burriac’s Castle, offers panoramic and amazing views over the Catalan littoral and a good piece of El Maresme region in Coast of Barcelona.

vistas Castillo Burriac

Views of the Catalan Coastal range from Cabrera de Mar, Mataró and Vilasar de Mar

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This view is showing to us that the Castle is standing at a strategic spot used during the old times as a surveillance spot and control over all the territory with important connections ways. So they do believe that Ibers and Romans were already using this spot as a guarding point during their periods.

Anyway, the first references we do have about the existence of the Burriac’s Castles are not till 1017 AC, on top of Burriac’s hill, in Cost of Barcelona.

At first, was a property of the Sant Vicente family and that’s why was receiving the name of Sant Vicente of Burriac’s Castle.

colina de Burriac

Nowadays there are plenty of itineraries, routes and walking paths to access to the top of Burriac’s hill where do we found Burriac’s Castle. The hiking itinerary is considerate as non-difficult gradient, approachable for the whole family, and with a huge final reward when you reach the top with such a spectacular panoramic views all aver the Catalan Coastal range.

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Burriac’s Castle the best views all over El Maresme region


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