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Gathering, cooking and eating wild mushrooms is a national sport in Catalonia.


We say goodbye to autumn with the mushroom

Autumn it’s filling with colour and delicious dishes the tables all around Catalonia.

Catalonia enjoys a well-known tradition for mushroom picking. Small groups of families and friends go to the forest.  In some of them, you usually find, from mid September until the end of December, valued and edible mushrooms.

To have a good mushroom’s season, some weeks before the gathering rain is needed, because they first need humidity, but just with the rain it is not enough. After it, they need also some sunny and not windy days. If these requirements are fulfilled, the gathering is almost assured

It is said that more than 1500 different species of mushrooms grow in our forests but hunters, for culinary purposes, just select about 30.

A good mushrooms’ hunter has to pay attention to some easy rules:

  • The natural habitat has to be protected: never start a fire, do not enter inside the forest with any vehicle, and do not dug the earth or damage the vegetation.
  • Leave any mushrooms that you do not want to gather alone, do not break, damage or remove them in order to avoid possible poisonings.
  • Gather mushrooms in wicker baskets, never in plastic bags. This means that the spores that give birth to new mushrooms are recycled into the forest.
  • Do not rake the leaves with any type of tool as this damages the forest and the mushrooms..

Mushrooms are a key ingredient in many local dishes in Catalonia and this humble forest fungus has become one of the region’s most-loved products. During these months every market and greengrocers will offer  freshly-picked mushrooms. Wild mushroom varieties abound, but most commonly you will encounter chanterelles, porcini (or ceps), horn-of-plenty (trompetes de la mort), fairy ring, chicken of the woods, hedgehog, puffballs and morels amongst others.

Its rich geography makes of Catalonia a perfect land to grow wild mushrooms that will bring fabulous recipes to all the restaurants in the area during the Gastronomic Tastes till the 27th of November

More than 17 villages in el Maresme region are promoting a culinary campaign offering seasonal and local products.

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