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31 Oct · alleventshotels · No Comments

La Castanyada, a living tradition in Catalonia in which protagonists are chestnuts.

Chestnuts and “panellets” in Catalonia

Familly meet each other around the table to eat the typical autumn fruits.

At the end of October and beginning of November family get each other together around a table to enjoy the typical autumn fruits. The talk about the “Castanyada” in Catalonia.

November the 1st, is celebrated in different ways all around the world. In our small country, in Catalonia we keep the old tradition of eating chestnuts and panellets, a sweet make with marzipan and almonds, Of course these sweets can be bought in some bakeries, but recently most of families with children are making together the panellets. It is a great moment to share time with children and they loved to make these tasty sweet.

Panallets Castañada

There are songs and children’s’ stories in Catalonia about the “Castanyera”, the saleswoman of chestnuts.

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It seems that “panellets” are originating from the Arab pastry making, because the main ingredients are almonds. But from the XVIII th Century have become a typical sweet from the Catalan Tradition.

Main ingredients to bake panellets are: sugar, crude, ground almond, sometimes potatoes, flour, eggs, lemon zest and egg yolk. The variety of tastes is really spectacular: there are “panellets” with stone pines, coconut, chocolate, coffee, quince, orange and much more. They look like small balls and there taste wonderful.


During the last weeks of October and firsts weeks in November, hot chestnuts are cooked in high flame and sold in the streets.  Chestnuts salesman and saleswoman, the “castanyer” and “castanyera”. These figures are very popular and children make a party in their school and go disguised like them.

Another activity to enjoy with children is a walk in the forest and collect with them the chestnuts. It is easier to buy them in the streets, but to share a moment with the  family in the open air and in the nature is a great experience.

It is a popular Catalan tradition to look for chestnuts in the forest.


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