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Local Festivals in Catalonia, the biggest popular Catalan celebration

Traditional festivities in Catalonia

Traditional festivals in the Catalan villages

Every quarter, village or Catalan city, have a special day noted in their calendar. It is normally a day with and historical background, worthwhile to be remember. People of these places organise year after year, different activities and sometimes they get a big number of visitors from neighbour villages. We are talking about the Local Festivities, usually associated with the saint patron

We can find references about these “Festes Majors” (local festivities) from the XIII Century. Nowadays, are held, funfairs and parades of Giants for children, popular dancing evenings with orchestra, theatres, concerts, sardanas (the typical Catalan dance), shows for children and of course Castells (the Human Towers), “correbous”, sportive competitions, and also activities related with the fire like “correfocs” or fireworks

Genuine Expressions of the Catalan Culture

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The perfect combination of a stay by the sea, activities and excursions to know the area, gastronomy and local people.

Correfoc Festes Majors

Some of the most famous Local Festivities in Catalonia are as follows:


Les Falles
In some villages of the Catalan Pyrenees celebrate “Les Falles”, a fest with a central point the cult of fire, reminiscing the ancestral, pagan ceremonies, which are also related with the summer solstice. The fest begins one month before, preparing the trunks which will be burn on the high of the mountain. On the day of the fest, the brave men and women, will descend the mountain, with the burning trunks over their shoulders until the village main square, where people will keep dancing, drinking wine and eating “coca” (a typical Catalan cake) until early in the morning.

Fireworks of Blanes
This is another of the festivities where the fire is the protagonist at the end of July. Together with the funfairs, the different parades, concerts and balls, the main activity is the International Competition of Fireworks


The Festivity of Sant Roc in Arenys de Mar
This fest commemorates the release of the people from the plague by Sant Roc. One of its greatest charms in the nocturn parade with the Giants of Arenys, in which the path in kept in secret. People just know the time and the place of it starts. This is one of the reasons many people from near villages are joining it.

Gracia Street Barcelona
Gegants Barcelona

Sant Fèlix Festivity in Vilafranca del Penedès
The most important activity of this Local Festivity is the exhibition of the Human Towers “Els Castellers”, with the participation of “colles” of “Castellers” coming from everywhere in Catalonia.

The festivity of Mare de Déu del Carme

Another nice festivity in the Local Fest of Palamós, dedicated to the Virgin of Carmen, the patroness of fishers. Palamós is a charming fishing village and celebrate this day carrying the statue of the Virgin from the church to the harbour. There some fishing boats and small boats do a seafarer’s procession with beautiful floral decorations.

Festival in the Gracia district of  Barcelona
By the Mercè, in September, Barcelona celebrates one of its most beautiful festivals, and amongst it, the Festival of Gràcia, is the most famous, because all neighbours participate in the decoration of it street.  They work for weeks preparing all the decorations to make the most beautiful street and win the first price.

One of the most popular festivities for the lovers of “Castells”, the human towers is the Festivity of Sant Felix in Vilafranca del Penedès


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