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4 Feb · alleventshotels · No Comments

Mediterranean Cuisine in our Hotels in the Coast of Barcelona

Mediterranean Diet, slow food

Gastronomic Holidays

Go on Holidays is often synonymous of forgotten about diet. The fact to eat outside, without the routine schedule and surrounded by delicious temptations in the buffets of our Hotels in the Coast of Barcelona, make us to relax, and make us to choose what we want to eat, with a quick decision taken by our eyes and taste instead of what is better for my Health.

But don’t feel bad! Go on holidays and give in the temptation of all delicious food of the Hotels ‘buffets in the Coast of Barcelona, is human… This is just one of the effects of leaving away the routine and get relaxed. But we cannot forget, that all the caloric food will be transformed into toxins which sooner or later, we will wish to eliminate. This is why, probably the best option would be to adopt a healthy way of live: light meals, fruits, vegetables, to drink a lot of water and practice some sport. And the best nutrition we can take is the based of the Mediterranean Cuisine, with natural products, protecting the environment and consuming from local producers.

Eating healthy during our Holidays.

Gourmet Getaway



Tasting of our products and typical dishes. Accommodation in one of our hotels next to the sea.


Cook With A Foddie


Actives Gastronomy

Share the experience of cooking rice with a Catalan host, following the recipe of her grandmother.

hotel buffet

Nowadays, people make more aware about the importance of taking care of themselves, and chefs of the Hotels in the Barcelona Coast know it. For this reason, we can find much more delicious Mediterranean, healthy recipes especially in the buffets of our Hotels in the Coast of Barcelona, Coast of Maresme.

Chefs of our Hotels in the Mediterranean Coast, are using local and seasonal products such fruits, vegetables and pulses…being all of then healthy products to take care of us. Most of our Hotels in the Coast of Barcelona are located in front of the Mediterranean Sea. They all take care to offer their customers, attractive and tasty but also healthy food for their body and mind using local and seasonal products environmentally friendly.

fresh fruit mediterranean food
mediterranean products

In the Mediterranean area we find fruits like the apple with few calories but rich in water and fibre, or the mandarins, which came first from Asia (its name comes from the traditional dress use by the Mandarin Chinese) that together with the oranges, provide us minerals, fibre and various vitamins, among which the vitamin C. We find also vegetables like pumpkin which provide soluble fibre, with great benefits for our stomach and with antioxidant properties. We cannot forget spinaches, chards or artichokes, very diuretics and just with few calories.

If you want to know more about some gastronomic or culinary holidays, don’t hesitate to get in touch with All Events Hotels, and to have a look to the packages already proposed or just let them to prepare for you some especial and tailored made holidays, to know more about the Mediterranean cuisine.

Buffets of the Hotels in the Coast with Mediterranean recipes.


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