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2 Oct · alleventshotels · No Comments

The “mushrooms” cuisine in Catalonia

Typical Catalan autumn food

Cook with mushrooms from the Catalan forests.

Autumn brings rain to Catalonia and the season arrives full of products and typical meals from this period of the year. People with stands with walnuts “Castenyers” the Catalan word for the professional people selling toasted walnuts along the streets,  and in the forest the first mushrooms are growing, and the forest will be full of mushrooms lovers pick it them up with old fashion baskets always with carefulness: the mushroom searching season has started for the Catalan people.

The mushroom Catalan tradition, the family weekend out in the forest collecting mushrooms and the gastronomic event around this ingredient making possible a huge variety of recipes, has millenary roots in the oldest Catalan traditions, one of the most outstanding legends is about the healing effects of infections and wounds.

Furthermore, in many Catalan cities, towns and villages are offering Fairs, markets, contest, festivals…all with one element in common: the mushrooms.

cesta con setas

Mushroom recipes with rice, noodle, omelets, stew…

Cook With A Foddie


Actives Gastronomy

Share the experience of cooking rice with a Catalan host, following the recipe of her grandmother.


Gourmet Getaway



Tasting of our products and typical dishes. Accommodation in one of our hotels next to the sea.


All along the Catalan territory, there is an ingredient with a strong tradition for cooking soups, omelettes, stews, rice, salads…: The mushroom

Between the recipes for starters dishes most known we have the ”Fredolics soup” or the mushroom salad or “moguls”, another boletus variety. Between main courses, we have the typical Catalan “Fricandó” a veal steak baked during ours with veggies and different kind of mushroom depending the period “ceps”, “moixernons”, “rovellons”, “rossinyols”, “llenega negra”. Other dishes very success as well the last few years are Italian “·risotto” or Catalan mushroom rice The  “camagrocs” omelette (another boletus variety) has its own public and the last gastronomic news allowed us to try mushroom “Carpaccio” and “Croquet”.

cocina catalana con bolets

As you see, there are plenty of possibilities of taste a good Catalan Cuisine with mushrooms. With All Events Hotels, our visitors will have the chance to enjoy the unique gastronomic experiences such as “Cook with a Catalan foodie” who will show you all the possibilities the mushrooms cuisine can offer you.

Enjoy the best “mushrooms” recipes in Catalonia


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