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1 May · alleventshotels · No Comments

Petritxol Street in Barcelona, a corner with charm and chocolate

A walk along the Petritxol street in Barcelona

To enjoy a lovely hot chocolate in Petritxol street

One of our favourite corners in the city of Barcelona, is without doubt the Petritxol street, a street full of history and charm that you will love for sure.

The best moment to visit this street is during the winter time, the perfect moment to enjoy a good, warm cup of chocolate, in some of the different chocolate stores, old dairies that you can still find in the Petritxol street. One of the most famous is the “Granja Dulcinea, Petritxol 2” a place which conserves its style from 1930, with chairs and wooden walls. Great artist as Antoni Gaudí or Angel Guimerà used to enjoy a chocolate in “Granja Dulcinea, in Petritxol street of Barcelona”

Another of these historic confectionaries of the Petritxol street of Barcelona is” Granja Pallaresa”, Petritxol 11, being the perfect place for savouring a hot chocolate with “churros”. The culinary tradition of this place invites you also to enjoy the flan, cottage cheese from Montserrat, rice pudding, crema Catalana amongst other delights. This old Granja dated back from 1957 has seen time passing.


Ceramic plates tell the history of Petritxol Street

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Xocoa is another of the famous chocolate place in the Petritxol Street in Barcelona. It offers some modernity in the world of chocolate in its local with 2 small salons and much more than a cup of chocolate: cakes, a hug variety of cookies and drinks.

granja la palleresa

To walk along the Petritxol street in Barcelona, is also get delighted by one of the most beautiful streets of the city centre, because the Petritxol street is just a few walking minutes from las Ramblas of Barcelona. We would like to suggest you to quietly explore this charming street of Barcelona. A part of these confectionaries, you find in the street jewelleries, stationeries and art galleries. Also, walkers can admire the ceramic plates decoring some façades of the Petritxol street. These majolica ceramics contain Catalan popular proverbs, historic Events or tributes to important figures of the Catalan History such as the writer Angel Guimerà or the famous International soprano Montserrat Caballé or the Catalan poet Joan Salvat-Papasseit.

Petritxol Street, charming corners in Barcelona


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