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Popular Festivals in Barcelona Coast

Village Festivity of Calella

Traditional Festivities in the Barcelona Coast

When summer arrives, it is often accompanied by popular festivities known as Village Festivity (Festa Major) which are the most important festivities of Catalan towns. The popular festivities in Barcelona Coast have many manifestations and all coincide with the joy and enjoyment of sharing with the rest of the population.

In the Catalan territory, the party is accompanied by different events that make the population enjoy a few days of rest and celebration in Barcelona Coast. The excuse for the festivity in Barcelona Coast is the celebration of the Saint of the city, that’s mean, the patron of each population. The tradition in Calella, a coastal town near Barcelona, ​​recalls two holy martyrs, St. Juliet and Sant Quirze, but each city has its own saint or saint.


The Village Festivity in Malgrat de Mar, or the Festivities of Pineda de Mar, are other celebrations that, although each one has certain peculiarities, all share some similarities.

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Arenys de Mar


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This is the case of the well-known “Gegants” in Barcelona Coast, ​​(Giants), that are figures of several meters of height carried by a person often realized with cardboard stone and covered of metal so that they have enough resistance. They tend to go in pairs and represent historical stereotypes of the city or country. Their participation in the Fiesta Mayor (Village Festivity) is the one of parading or dancing making the delights of all the people who watch them fascinated. They are accompanied by the heady (“capgrossos”) that are disproportionate heads, made of the same material that the “Gegants” and that usually contribute touches of humor and unconcerned in the parades or dances.

Cabezudos catalanes

The celebration in Barcelona Coast of the Village Festivity does not end with the Giants, there is also a great diversity of local performances of volunteers, concerts generally open to the public, special religious celebrations, and the whole town is delighted to welcome people of different parts of the territory that come to see how is the Village Festival in Barcelona Coast of the diferent towns.

And we can not forget the “Castellers”, local groups of people who perform heroically high human castles accompanied by popular music. In recent years, the “Castellers” have gained international fame and are invited to many events outside their territory to show their courage.

You can live the Popular Festivals in Barcelona Coast by the hand of that organizes for you the most unforgettable experiences of your holidays.


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