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21 Jun · alleventshotels · No Comments

Sant Joan’s Festivity in Barcelona Coast

Sant Joan’s night in Coast of Barcelona

The fire’s party in the shortest night of the year.

June 23 is an important day in the Catalan calendar because this night is one of the most celebrated traditional festivities in Barcelona Coast. Party with fire (firecrackers, campfires) and with typical food of Barcelona Coast (our coca of Sant Joan).

Tradition tells us to celebrate the arrival of the Summer, as the tradition of the San Joan’s night goes back to the pagan celebrations that had nothing to do with the Saint, but who did intend to carry out a transitional ritual leaving winter behind and spring, and welcoming the desired Summer.

Fuegos de Sant Joan

The verbena of San Juan in Coast of Barcelona is lived in the streets, the beaches and the squares of towns and cities.

Dinner is organized with the traditional Catalan dessert for this day: Coca de Sant Joan. It is a typical food of Barcelona Coast that can not miss in the Verbena of San Joan in Barcelona Coast. In addition, there is another component that can not miss in this Festivity in Barcelona Coast, bonfires and firecrackers, which are the delight of the little ones. During the previous days, the booths selling firecrackers make their August selling various types of firecrackers. It is also typical to go to the beaches on this night, which is the shortest of the year and share both bonfires and firecrackers, as well as nocturnal baths in the sea.

Coca de Sant Joan
Hoguera de Sant Joan

Living the experience with the tradition in Barcelona Coast is something that should not be missed by the intrepid traveler who wants to know and live a typical festivity in Barcelona Coast. In order to do that our website of organizes a wide variety of proposals so that you can live the longest day and the shortest night of the year enjoying the Catalan tradition of the “Revetlla de Sant Joan”, a traditional festivity in Barcelona Coast that will allow you to get closer to the Catalan traditions.

The night of the summer party in Barcelona Coast.


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