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4 Feb · alleventshotels · No Comments

Scientific studies say “Travelling increases your happiness”

A trip is much more pleasant that to buy something new

To travel increases our dopamine levels.

In a world where everything looks easy, with an easy and quick access to cover all our needs, happiness is something that sometimes escape of our control. We think that we can get happy buying something that we like, a new car, a new and expensive dress, a new watch… but the truth is that after having bought it, the sensation of wish and happiness that we had before buying, just disappear.

Are you one of these people who think that your happiness is inside you and not in the objects you have? Than you agree with the scientific community thinking that leaving new experiences and travelling might bring you to the happiness.

Memories of a journey make us happy

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Os proponemos un programa exclusivo con maravillosas rutas en las montañas catalanas y estancia en un acogedor Hotel al lado del mar.


It has been proved that the memories we have about a journey, bring us to the same sensations we had in the moment we were doing it. Bu feeling these memories, the level of dopamine increases, giving us a welfare state and over the time we keep the sensation related to the memories. Instead, when the memory is about something you have been dreaming for a time and after you buy it, the dopamine level is not changing and memory is going with the time.

So, let’s enjoy experiences! Let’s travel! Let’s look for new destinations, to create fantastic memories and reach the happiness!
You have a lot of resources to explore all the possibilities that the world offers you to discover it, but if you want to live new and good organised experiences, to know the country, its gastronomy and its people, do not hesitate to get in touch with All Events Hotels. With them you have hundreds of experiences to enjoy. Join them, organise a trip to discover this part of Catalonia, and take the way to your happiness!

Be happy enjoying some experiences with All Events Hotels


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