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5 Jun · alleventshotels · No Comments

Rockabilly Screamin Festival Calella, Costa Barcelona

Rockabilly Screamin Festival Calella, Costa Barcelona

Revive the Rock & Roll of the 50's

Have you ever had the feeling that earlier times were better? Somehow, this Screamin  Festival in Calella, Barcelona Coast, revives a time then myths like Elvis Presley or James Dean were the heroes of the moment.

The most striking thing is the presence in the city of people dressed as in the 50s, in an initial rock style: women, scarves in the hair, custom sunglasses, tops skirts, red lips, hairstyles of the moment, and many accessories; The men in jeans, a white t-shirt tucked inside the pants with a good belt, exaggerated quiff, and some biker boots. A life style between biker and rocker of those of yesteryear, of the beginnings, the originals, in short.

Chica Screamin

The Screamin Festival Calella in Costa de Barcelona offers the best Rockin parties in Costa Barcelona in a perfect sun and beach atmosphere.

During the week, attendees of the Festival will be able to live the party on the beach, in clubs and hotels, and from Wednesday to Saturday, concerts will be held in the Llobet Factory with more than 25 bands and DJs that will keep the spirit of Dance rocker all night long. Music is the essence of this Screamin Festival Calella, in Costa Barcelona..

Guitarra grupo screamin
Batería Screamin

All Rock&Roll lovers in Calella, Coast of Barcelona, are meeting in this coastal town, near main airports Barcelona and Girona, to enjoy an unforgettable Rocking Party. From we take you to live The Screaming Festival in Coast of Barcelona, in which you all are invited to watch, dance and share the revival from the most original rock and roll decade. Furthermore, we do arrange everything to make you enjoy a real Screaming Holidays in Coast of Barcelona with the best Hotels in Calella, Coast of Barcelona .

Rockabilly experiences in Coast of Barcelona. Parties with live Rock Bands performing, and the best DJ’s to dance all night long.


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