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10 Aug | alleventshotels | No Comments

Local Festivals in Catalonia, the biggest popular Catalan celebration

Every quarter, village or Catalan city, have a special day noted in their calendar. It is normally a day with and historical background, worthwhile to be remember. People of these places organise year after year, different activities and sometimes they get a big number of visitors from neighbour villages. We are talking about the Local Festivities, usually associated with the saint patron


9 Jul | alleventshotels | No Comments

Discover Barcelona with the touristic Bus

To live and discover Barcelona in two hours’ time is possible thanks to the variety and quality of the routes offered by the Touristic Bus of Barcelona.


19 Jun | alleventshotels | No Comments

Món Sant Benet and Alicia Foundation, cultural and gastronomic visit

In Sant Fruitós de Bages, province of Barcelona, is located a cultural, gastronomic and leisure centre in a stunning natural environment: the Món Sant Benet. An architectural complex including a medieval monastery together with a modern centre dedicated to the cuisine investigation: the Alicia Foundation. Món Sant Benet, near Manresa in the province of Barcelona, offers visits and workshops in both, the monastery and the gastronomic centre.


23 May | alleventshotels | No Comments

Catalan Rumba, mestizo essence of Barcelona

The artistic expression of the people is part of their essential identity, and if we talk about the Catalan gipsy people of Barcelona, we have to talk indisputably about the Catalan Rumba.


1 May | alleventshotels | No Comments

Petritxol Street in Barcelona, a corner with charm and chocolate

One of the most charming corners of Barcelona, is without doubt the Petritxol Street, a street with history and charms to fall in love: chocolateries, jewelleries, ceramic plates with the history of the street…


27 Mar | alleventshotels | No Comments

Barcelona, among the top ten best cities in the World

This admiration for the city of Barcelona, for its architecture, its culture and its leisure offer, its natural richness and its beaches…is shared already for many people and now the Resonance Consultancy commissioned who has elaborate the “World’s Best Cities”, gave Barcelona the eighth position.


6 Jul | alleventshotels | No Comments

Psychobilly Pineda de Mar, Coast of Barcelona

Festival Psychobilly Meeting 2017Psychobilly Concerts in Pineda de Mar, Coast of Barcelona One of the best International Psychobilly festivals, known as Psychobilly Meeting, take place again in Pineda de Mar in the Coast of Barcelona, from 4th to 11th July. And this year, it is a special edition because this Psychobilly festival celebrates its 25th ...


21 Jun | alleventshotels | No Comments

Sant Joan’s Festivity in Barcelona Coast

Sant Joan’s night in Coast of BarcelonaThe fire’s party in the shortest night of the year. June 23 is an important day in the Catalan calendar because this night is one of the most celebrated traditional festivities in Barcelona Coast. Party with fire (firecrackers, campfires) and with typical food of Barcelona Coast (our coca of ...


12 Jun | alleventshotels | No Comments

Singles in Barcelona Coast, a lifestyle

The single lifestyle in Barcelona Coast is a synonymous of freedomSingle Holidays in Barcelona Coast Who knows you better is not your mom, forget it, it’s yourself. Who better knows what you like to do, eat, live, is yourself, your circumstances and your illusions. To know well yourself, discovering yourself, surprising yourself and sharing with ...


5 Jun | alleventshotels | No Comments

Rockabilly Screamin Festival Calella, Costa Barcelona

Rockabilly Screamin Festival Calella, Costa BarcelonaRevive the Rock & Roll of the 50's Have you ever had the feeling that earlier times were better? Somehow, this Screamin  Festival in Calella, Barcelona Coast, revives a time then myths like Elvis Presley or James Dean were the heroes of the moment. The most striking thing is the ...



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