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30 May | alleventshotels | No Comments

Floral Carpets of the Corpus, popular festivals in Catalonia

In Catalonia, an especially in some villages of the Barcelona Coast, celebrate the festivity of Corpus Christi, creating floral carpets in the main streets. They are initiatives promoted by the neighbour, that dedicate some of their free time to prepare materials, to design the contour of the figures and buy the flowers


22 Mar | alleventshotels | No Comments

Cycling experience in the Coast of Barcelona

A cycling experience in the Coast of Barcelona created by All Events Hotels, with 4 great stages and different landscapes, professional guides and a high quality service.


15 Mar | alleventshotels | No Comments

Benefits of the sea water and the sun in the Coast of Barcelona

The sun rays in the Coast of Barcelona are an attraction focus for all those visitors looking to enjoy the benefits for the Health of the Sun and the felling of wellbeing. To enjoy the Sun and the Beach in the Coast of Barcelona is a pleasure for body and mind.


23 Nov | alleventshotels | No Comments

Walking Holidays near Barcelona

Hortsavinyà, a little village in the MontnegreWalking paths for all fitness levels For some people walking in the nature is a great pleasure. Today we are happy to introduce you a lovely walk in the Montnegre Nature Park, the mountain range in the Coast of Barcelona. Going across the coastal villages of Calella, Pineda de ...


17 Oct | alleventshotels | No Comments

Hiking tour in Coast of Barcelona: Burriac’s Castle

Hiking in Coast of BarcelonaTour to Burriac’s Castle The Maresme region, in Coast of Barcelona, it’s full of secrets. The littoral offers a complete landscape with wide beaches and the Montnegre-Corredor mountain range offering a full network of tracks and walking paths for hiking in Coast of Barcelona If you enjoy hiking and participate with ...


10 Oct | alleventshotels | No Comments

Cycle Tourism at Coast of Barcelona

Cycle holidays in Coast of BarcelonaBicycle tours by the sea The landscapes offered by the beach destination are recreations about our dreamed holidays. If these pleasant visions are together with strategic destination by a large social and cultural capital city as Barcelona, it counts double, but if we even add the possibility of taste this ...


19 Sep | alleventshotels | No Comments

City Town Celebration in Calella, Barcelona Coast

As every september, Calella, the city of Barcelona Coast, is getting ready to welcome its “Trade Fair”, a Fair of Expositions which is recognized for representin all Alt Maresme region.


16 Aug | alleventshotels | No Comments

Cold Summer Soups at Barcelona Coast

Fresh and seasonal products from Barcelona Coast Refreshing Mediterranean Diet at Barcelona Coast When it’s hot, we feel like refreshing a little, having some refreshing summer products from Coast of Barcelona. It’s time for watermelon, melon, figs, fresh vegetables and refreshing smoothies made of the mix of them all. In Coast of Barcelona there is ...


13 Jul | alleventshotels | No Comments

Popular Festivals in Barcelona Coast

Village Festivity of CalellaTraditional Festivities in the Barcelona Coast When summer arrives, it is often accompanied by popular festivities known as Village Festivity (Festa Major) which are the most important festivities of Catalan towns. The popular festivities in Barcelona Coast have many manifestations and all coincide with the joy and enjoyment of sharing with the ...



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