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The benefits of Walking during holidays: Nordic Walking

Walking helps improve your life

Nordic Walking is a way of walking with multiple benefits

It is well known that regular walking has a number of benefits that can help us improve our physical and mental state. Experts point out that having the routine of walking a bit more than 30 minutes a day on a continuous basis, favours a good functioning of our body, which needs some movement to not become atrophied, especially from a certain age on.

Aspects like hypertension, cholesterol, blood circulation, osteoporosis, stress, negative thoughts, depression, etc. improve notably after walking; doing it in a group and in a habitual way represent fundamental keys to feel in full physical and mental shape.

In recent years Nordic Walking has appeared, it’s a way of walking that incorporates some walking poles, which allows not only to tone the legs, but also the arms and the trunk. The Nordic Walking groups have been proliferating remarkably all over the world, as its great benefits have been recognized, among them – and in addition to those already mentioned, a special protection against breast cancer.

Our Nordic Walking Trip takes you to walk by the sea.

Walking Holidays for small groups



We propose a unique program with wonderful routes in the Catalan mountains and stay in a cozy hotel next to the sea.

mature couple nordic walk

Nordic Walking uses to create real groups of friends, because during walking it is usual to have funny conversations with the one who walks by your side, thus opening up endless possibilities to meet new people and make new friends.

One of the best opportunities to practice Nordic Walking and meet new people is precisely during journeys. Do Nordic Walking on holidays is highly enjoyable because you can spend some time during the day walking with other people, and, in addition, it can help us to get to know the place we are visiting in a different way. In All Events Hotels we have a special proposal to practice Nordic Walking during holidays; this is our Pack Nordic Walking Trip.

Calella Costa Barcelona
nordic walk

With it, you will be able to get to know a beautiful coastal town on the Barcelona Coast, Calella, by walking. Thanks to its proximity to the sea and the mountains, it is possible to organize Nordic Walking Trips through different areas of the territory which will allow you to know and enjoy it in all its aspects. We provide the walking poles for a Nordic Walking in the best conditions to all our clients, and we make sure that they enjoy the experience to the maximum thanks to a multilingual guide who can provide any explanation they wish.

Let yourself be delighted by the mild climate and beautiful coastal landscape in Calella de la Costa, near Barcelona. Let All Events Hotels charm you with their proposals and take you on a Nordic Walk through enchanting locations. You will be able to meet many people who practice Nordic Walking like you and who want to benefit from all its enormous advantages for physical and mental wellbeing.

Walking between the mountains and the sea in Calella, near Barcelona.


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