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28 Dec · alleventshotels · No Comments

The Grapes tradition for New Year’s Eve in Catalonia

12 Grapes 12 strikes of the bells

The grape tradition has its origin in the end of the XVIII century

There are many traditions related to luck wishes to farewell the year and start the New Year. In Spain and Catalonia are eaten 12 grapes during the 12 strikes of the bells on New Year’s Eve, for each grape a new wish.

Is very common to organize dinners and New Year’s Eve parties all over the globe but the Catalan idiosyncrasies introduce a new character who brings the joy for the children which is: “The man of the noses” (“home dels nassos”  in Catalan) , a man with so many noses as days have a year.  It is said, this character has as many noses as the remaining days of the year; which means that on the 1st of January he has 365 noses. Every passing day he loses a nose, and you might only see him on the 31st of December with only one nose as everyone else!

The man of the noses brings candies and plastic noses (some with mustache) to all the children close to his parade.

From Madrid was extended to all over Spain

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On the other side, Catalonia also follows the tradition from Madrid and Alicante (depending on where you are consulting) that was extended all over the Spanish territory and other countries from South America. Also its said that eating grapes and drinking Cava (Catalan Champagne) it was a tradition from Madrid Bourgeois and some citizens began to parody them at “La Puerta del Sol” in Madrid (a central square used as a mythic spot of the population) in the end of the XVIII century with the rhythm of the Bells of the elegant clock from Post Office Building. This popular tradition started to be followed by Madrid citizens and in a few years “Puerta del Sol” square was fulfilled with the people ready to eat the 12 grapes as the bells chime. Nowadays, the square and the clock is the place established by all national televisions to broadcasting life the 12 strikes of the bells every year.

uvas fin de año
uvas y champán

The references about this tradition from Alicante, explains about an over production of the grapes harvest during 18th century and the producers decided to offer the grapes as a product of luck to start the year with prosperity. As it is, it seems as the actual tradition could be the result of both origins, but for sure, nowadays it has become a very popular tradition and are very few homes not following the ritual of eating 12 grapes at the 12 strikes of the bells and having a wish with each one.

New Year’s Eve grapes are considerate as lucky grapes.


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