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10 Apr · alleventshotels · No Comments

The Iberian Ham, Spanish Gastronomy in the Coast of Barcelona

Iberian Ham, an experience for gourmets

The Spanish Gastronomy of the Ham

The Iberian Ham is without doubt one of the standards of the Spanish Gastronomy. Its taste, texture or flavour, are some exquisite singularities which wake up authentic pleasures to our palate. The Iberian Ham, has different levels of quality depending of the variety and designation of origin, being both, the Iberian Ham of Guijelo and the Iberian Ham of Jabugo the most prestigious.

The origin of the Iberian Ham dates back to the Roman period. There have been found in Tarragona some fossilised samples. Obviously, over the years, the healing processes have evolved but we can say that, in the Roman period, people of the Iberian Peninsula, enjoyed the delights of the ham.

The drying process of the Iberian Ham has an origin both functional and cultural. The careful process whose phases include salting, settling and drying, the ham undergoes a curing and ageing process which last for over 2 and 3 years. But whereas other sources say, that it was the way to recognize non-Christian people living in the Peninsula, when Jews and Muslims were persecuted and expelled after 800 years living in there. Both religions are against of the pork meat consumption.

jamones colgados

The secret of the Iberian ham is its curing and drying process

Iberian Ham Tasting



Taste good Iberian ham, taste their texture, their aroma and intense flavor on the palate, accompanied by tasty bread with tomato and a glass of cava.


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Enjoy the best flavors of traditional Mediterranean cuisine stayed at the best hotels on the coast of Barcelona.


Apart of being a delight for the most demanding palates, the Iberian Ham, has some good benefits for our health. The ham is a big source of vitamins, and minerals like the iron, phosphorus, potassium, calcium. A pleasure for our health.

jamón con pan tomate

To taste the Iberian Ham in the Coast of Barcelona, to discover its nuances, its singular taste or its unique texture, All Events Hotels, propose you an activity called “The Ham for demanding palates”, an activity loved by all participants. This is an opportunity to delight the best Iberian Ham in the Coast of Barcelona, in the Catalan style, with tomato bread, olive oil and cold cava. A multilingual guide will explain all the secrets of this delicacy.

All Events Hotels offers you a great Iberian Ham tasting


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