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2 Nov · alleventshotels · No Comments

Trip to Montserrat, the Catalan magic mountain

Montserrat, a corner of enigmas and beauty

The mountain of Montserrat is a symbol in Catalonia

It is a symbol of spirituality, catalanity and incomparable natural setting, which contemplates the Catalan people from a comfortable and central territorial position: Montserrat is about 50 km from Barcelona. For many Catalans, an excursion to Montserrat is one of the indispensable events of each year. In Calella de la Costa, province of Barcelona, ​​a pilgrimage is organized to go as a group to the mountain of Montserrat during the dates close to All Saints’ Day.

As we have already commented in some other post, the vigil of All Saints is a special night in Catalonia, because it has its own party, the “Castanyada”, in which chestnuts and “panellets” are tasted with friends and family. The people of Calella who come to Montserrat celebrate the festivities of the” Castanyada” and All Saints’ Day in the mountains, accompanied by the other visitors from all over Catalonia.

If we talk about spirituality, we should refer to the Monastery of Montserrat, founded in 1025, and with exceptional views. Inside, there is the “Moreneta”, the dark-skinned virgin that is a Catalan symbol and to which many Catalans adore and pray. A curious legend surrounds the origin of this carving, as it is believed that it remained hidden for hundreds of years in a cave (the Santa Cueva, which can be visited in Montserrat on an easily accessible excursion) before being discovered. And once discovered, he indicated the place where he wanted to build a Basilica in his honor by staying as stuck in the soil of the land that Montserrat which today is hosting .

The Montserrat mountain is only 50 km from Barcelona

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montaña de Montserrat

The spectacular nature of the mountains, so special, with their nature eroded by the centuries that contemplate it, and by the fact of having hosted a river delta many years ago, joins the exceptionality of the views of Montserrat that its altitude produces. The enigmatic forms that the eroded mountains have acquired have produced the search for similarities with the animal world on many occasions.  We can see the horse Bernat, the camel, the elephant, etc.

Other legends lead us to evoke its immensity. The legend of “Timbaler del Bruc” de Montserrat, tells how a child with a drum, was able to scare the very Napoleon’s army by the echoes of the mountain of Montserrat, which made a single drum echo as if they were a hundred.


The last legend to which we will refer, has been more recent, and during the term of Hitler in Germany, he believed that the Holy Grail could be hidden in Montserrat, for its great enigmatic beauty, and its strong spirituality.

There are many activities that can be carried out in Montserrat, apart from the mere visit, which is already gratifying. The visitor can enjoy excursions and hiking routes, or can walk along its paths quietly, or with the help of the funicular. Montserrat is also a privileged place for lovers of climbing.

It is worth considering a visit to the mountain of Montserrat, if you visit Catalan territory, because there is no corner with more culture, spirituality, views, nature and millennial strength

Many legends are passed in the mountain of Montserrat


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