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21 Dec · alleventshotels · No Comments

Typical Catalan Christmas Desserts

Catalan gastronomic traditions for Christmas

Torrons and neules are the protagonists

The most popular desserts  for Cristmas in Catalonia are “turrons” and “ neules”.

The traditional torró is a nougat bar made of honey, sugar, egg whites and almonds but these days, you get them in many different flavors. Thirty years ago almost all “torró “ recipes followed the same specifications, but since the diversification of products there are currently dozens of varieties: all kinds of chocolates, with or without liquor, candied fruits or whole nuts, fruits  and pralines and the modernist  tastes crema catalana, mojito or gin tonic.

The second most popular sweet for Christmas are “neules”. It consists of a very thin sheet of a mixture of egg whites, butter, sugar and flour, flavored with lemon and rolled. This crunchy cylindrical biscuit is perfect for dipping in cava.

Apparently “neules” were invented by a nun who was interrupted while making communion crackers by the 12th century and it seems that always have been eaten by dipping in wine.

At present there are some other popular versions, as “neules” stuffed with all kind of chocolates, “torrons” and fruits. torronsneules


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