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23 Nov · alleventshotels · No Comments

Walking Holidays near Barcelona

Hortsavinyà, a little village in the Montnegre

Walking paths for all fitness levels

For some people walking in the nature is a great pleasure.

Today we are happy to introduce you a lovely walk in the Montnegre Nature Park, the mountain range in the Coast of Barcelona.

Going across the coastal villages of Calella, Pineda de Mar or Tordera and following an access path in the Montnegre nature Park, we arrive to the little and uninhabited village of Horstavinyà. From the seventies, when the last residents left, remains only the school visited by children living in the neighbourhood farmer houses, the church and a place which host some popular festivities.

The pilgrimage to Horstavinyà is also an excuse to walk. There is a small chapel from the

18th Century with the Mare de Déu de l’Erola, the Erola Madonna. According to local legend, the Madonna was there before the chapel. People used to go there to get recovered from the smallpox. For this reason, the chapel was built.

But, in the Montnegre range we can find other chapels, like the small and beautiful chapel of the Mare de Déu del Montnegre, the Madonna of the Montnegre mountain, a white and nice jewel in the middle of the massif. We can also find the chapel of Saint Llop, a saint known for recovering throat pain and stutter.

We find also an information point. There we can find information about the Montnegre Nature Park, its history, fauna and flora and also all possible walking routes.

vistas desde hortsavinya

The Montnegre is the green lung of the Barcelona Coast

Hikking the magic Mountain of Montserrat

Nordic Walking Holidays



Enjoy a holiday with Nordic walking between the mountains and the sea, near Barcelona, in Calella.


Walking Holidays in Catalonia



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Following the path from the chapel of Saint Llop we arrive to La Plaça de la Comarca, the Region Square, where in the past, charcoal was produced. Trunks covered by dirt and leaves were burnt. With the combustion out of air charcoal was made.

Walking in the Montnegre Nature Park allows us to escape from the bustle of the coastal villages of Calella and Pineda de Mar. In the Park we find oak, holm, chestnut and pine trees, bushes, aromatic and medicinal plants among others.

Santa Maria del Montnegre
Iglesia Sant Llop

All Events Hotels, offer you the possibility to enjoy this stunning and natural surroundings but its walking holidays in the Montnegre Nature Park. These walks are combinate with some other to discover all different landscapes from Catalonia. We invite to have a look to our program. You will love It!

The history is a good excuse to walk in the mountains


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