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14 Mar · alleventshotels · No Comments

Walking in the Coast of Barcelona

Walking in the Coast of Barcelona

Excursions and walking in the Catalan Coast

Between the great little pleasures of life we find that walking in open air is one of them. Walking is not only a pleasure for the senses, especially for the sense of sight by seeing natural landscapes but also, lots of studies have proved the enormous benefits for our health. Performing walking activities in the coast of Barcelona give us the opportunity to breathe pure and fresh air.

Walking in the mountains in Barcelona seems to be a chimera, but it isn’t. There are hundreds of lovely paths and routes along the whole coastline to enjoy walking in the Barcelona Coast. If you are thinking in some walking holidays in the coast of Barcelona, do not forget to visit the web of ALLEVENTSHOTELS.COM. They offer a huge range of trips and walks in the coast of Barcelona. Likewise they offer excursions to the sea and the mountain to the near small and charming villages of the Barcelona’s coastline, walking in Calella or walking in Sant Pol de Mar. We can talk here about the Route of Golinons, which passes through the villages of Calella and Sant Pol de Mar, nearby the sea and the Montnegre Nature Park, through the Golinons Valley, and with spectacular views to the sea from the top in l’Era d’en Mora at 183 meters. The length of this route is of 9, 2 km, the difference of altitude is of 214m, the time in route is about 3 hours and the level of difficulty is easy / medium, being possible for all fitness level.

In the web of  ALLEVENTSHOTELS.COM you can find walking lover hotels in the Coast of Barcelona, like the Hotel Les Palmeres**** in Calella, which offers all the facilities to enjoy walking holidays in the Coast of Barcelona.

In the web you can find activities, excursions and experiences together with great hotels in the Coast of Barcelona

Amongst all the offers of this web, you can find a lot of experiences with perfect combination of activity and gastronomic experience, like a walk in the Montnegre Nature Park with a lunch in a typical Catalan restaurant, an unforgettable experience.

The Montengre Nature park is also a great place for Nordic walking in the Coast of Barcelona. The Nordic walking is one of the most complete sports, because apart of all benefits of training in the open air, has the benefits of walking moving the upper body and arms. ALLEVENTSHOTELS.COM offers you the possibility to enjoy a Nordic walking getaway in the coast of Barcelona and invites you to participate in the Nordic Walking Festival Barcelona Coast which will take place in April this year.


If you want to enjoy Nordic walking in the Barcelona Coast, you cannot miss this festival. The best instructors, awesome routes and a comfortable hotel, GFH Hotel Kaktus Playa *** Sup in Calella

Do not hesitate to check the web of ALLEVENTSHOTELS.COM if you require more information about Walking in the Coast of Barcelona or about the Nordic Walking festival.


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